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Overtime, we block the flow of energy with our experiences, limiting beliefs and feelings such as shame, guilt, fear, anxiety and distrust. During a healing session, Kathy creates a sacred healing space to witness yourself, without judgment and with compassion. We examine the root cause of trauma, pain, illness and suffering.

Energy Healing creates the perfect mental and emotional environment for physical healing. The relaxation response activates our body’s innate healing capabilities. The body finds equilibrium and we discover our wholeness. We work on releasing chords of attachment to the past. We heal trauma, memories and energetic disturbances that hold us back. In energy healing, we get clear on what it is that we want to call into our life, so that we can live deliberately and mindfully.

Reiki helps to balance the chakras, auric field and subtle body. Studies have shown that Reiki is effective in managing pain, anxiety and recovering from surgery. Energy healings are opportunities for deep restoration on every level. Virtual and distant healings are available to accommodate what the client needs.

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please call us at (847) 997-4760 at least 24hrs in advance of appointment.

1 Hour


Zoom Meeting Session

Universal Life Force alignment, relaxation and emotional healing.

Energy Healing

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