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Kathy personalizes each intuitive healing strategy to work uniquely with your needs. Sessions include various intuitive healing techniques, such as connecting with angels, meditation, working with the chakras, grounding practices, clearing and protecting your energy, raising your frequency and using the Emotional Freedom Technique EFT tapping to help release pain and trauma that can be stored in our somatic system.

Kathy also uses Sound Healing which is the use of frequencies to restore balance in the body through the use of music and instruments including: rattles, drums, crystal bowls, singing bowls, koshi chimes and the gong. Sound Healing is used for meditation and relaxation and has been shown to help treat such conditions as trauma, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines, sleep disorders and pain.

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please call us at (847) 997-4760 at least 24hrs in advance of appointment.

1 Hour


Zoom Meeting Session

Various alternative strategies and tools that balance mind and body.

Intuitive Healing

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